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In case you were wondering


Hey! My name is Astrid Navas, I am the oldest and funniest of three... and maybe the shortest.

I have the biggest sweet tooth, so it was only appropriate for me to add a picture of guatemalan candy to this page. Apart from my addiction to sweets, I will never say no to a bowl of pasta. Never!

My interest for graphic design began back in 2009 grade  because I was experiencing a drastic life change at the moment. I had just moved to the U.S from my beautiful country Guatemala, and I was completely new to the english language and its culture. However, art and design helped me as a new way of communicating and that's when it all began.

I am a visual learner and with that comes my passion for putting a visual component to abstract ideas. I find the idea of communication through visuals very interesting, and just really cool to be honest.

In my portfolio you will be able to see the diversity and variety that I am capable of working with. I can work digitally, but I can also work hands-on if that may be the best option to portray an idea/design.


All work done and directed by Astrid Navas